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    U.S. registered cruise line (most of the other U.S. based cruise lines are registered somewhere else) with American built ship and all American crew. The company has been created to cruise specifically in Hawaiian waters. Very much family orientated cruises (families with children and retired couples). Somewhat more quiet atmosphere without 24-hour entertainment and night-disco activities. Gambling is forbidden in the State of Hawaii, so there isn't any casino staff onboard. All other shipboard positions are available, but only to U.S. residents (unlike all the other cruise lines which hire personnel from all over the world). American Hawaii Cruises is planning to built two new 1.900-passenger ships.

Cruise ship and itineraries:

Independence: U.S.A. registered, built 1951, renovated 1997, 30.000 gross tons, 1.066 passengers, 340 crew members.
Itineraries: Hawaii.
  American Hawaii Cruises-Independence ship


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