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The Cruise Ship Jobs Guide is designed in very convenient format - you just download the guide to your hard drive and navigate through the content. The content consist of eight major sections:

Section One - all the cruise lines contacts. That includes postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, toll-free numbers and e-mail addresses.

Section Two - all agencies contacts. Agencies are companies, providing personnel to cruse lines. Agents will charge percentage of your monthly salary (between 10 and 15 %), either deducted from your pay check and sent to them by the cruise lines or in some cases the cruise lines pay the concessions and the concessions pay the personnel they have hired , keeping their percentage. Referral agencies will prepare your documentation and forward it to the personnel departments of a large number of cruise lines for a minimal fee. Usually those kind of agencies are paid certain amount of money by various cruise lines to keep feeding them with prospective employees.

Section Three - a tutorial about how to write down your resume and prepare a promotional package in order to get hired successfully by a cruise line or an agent.

Section Four - insiders tips and veteran crew members professional advises for the various entertainment shipboard positions and actual day-to-day life aboard a cruise ship. Important questions to ask before you sign a contract and negotiation techniques when discussing your salary; the best ways of keeping your money safe, transferring money home and paying bills while on a ship and many other practical things you should be familiar with before you depart for your first contract.

Section Five - how to stay in touch with home, family and friends while on a cruise ship. Locations of the best Internet access places, calling stations and the cheapest ways to phone home from various countries.

Section Six - points of interest and bargain shopping in all major cruise ship ports around the world, things to watch out for, the cheapest transportation between the ports, city centers and shopping malls, ways to visit absolutely for free various historic sites located faraway from the ship's dock (that could save you a lot of money throughout the contract) and a lot of other practical information.

Section Seven - exclusive high quality exterior and interior photos of cruise ships and ports of call around the world. These photos are taken by a number of professional shipboard photographers.

Finally, we would like to thank all the former and present cruise lines employees, who have offered generously their expertise and have contributed to the creation of this guide and the website itself. Without their help, collecting such of enormous amount of information would not be possible.

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