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Scam Alert!!!

We have been receiving reports (mainly from India) that individuals offering fraudulent employment contracts are claiming to be members of our company. They write letters using our company name, our website and postal address in Canada. This letters are printed on a template scanned from a screen shot of our website. Our legal service agreement is also copied from the website and presented along with the other paperwork.

Letters are signed by a person named P. Patel (in this particular case), claiming to be a member of our staff. The scammers are asking for $1,800 US for a “visa fee”.

We officially announce that this fraudulent practice has absolutely nothing to do with Seamax International.

We do not hire candidates, we offer a cruise ship job search assistance, therefore we DO NOT send any employment letters.

Under no circumstances you should believe these letters and we would ask you to forward such letters to us and report them to local authorities as well as to send us all contact information you may have for these scammers - postal address, email address, telephone number.

We take this scam very seriously, since it is affecting our company reputation and we will do our best to investigate and report these activities to the authorities.

Please, see below copies of the "employment letter" submitted to us from one of the victims of this scam. The scammers are using our website template, our postal address in Canada and our Service Agreement (all copied from our website).

Letter 1

letter 2

letter 3

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