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Cruise & Maritime Services International Ltd (formed in 2009) is an independent company that specialises in providing good value, quality cruise holidays on board smaller and medium size cruise ships. The emphasis is on offering the discerning traveler a more classic maritime experience within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Cruise & Maritime Voyages look forward to offering year round sailings aboard Marco Polo as well as introducing the accomplished Ocean Countess to further develop our speciality of providing exceptional value ex-UK ‘no fly’, traditional cruises of distinction. The main target of the cruise line is the UK market plus English speaking lovers of traditional cruise ships from the United States, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Cruise ships and itineraries:

Marco Polo: Bahamas registered, built 1965, 22,080 gross tons, 915 passengers, 356 crew members.
Itineraries: Transatlantic/Azores/Caribbean/Madeira out of Tilbury (London) - UK; Canary Islands/South America/Caribbean out of Tilbury (London) - UK; Norwegian Fjords out of Tilbury (London) - UK; Canary Islands/Madeira out of Tilbury (London) - UK; Iberian Peninsular out of Tilbury (London) - UK; British Isles out of Tilbury (London) - UK; Iceland out of Tilbury (London) - UK; Mediterranean/Northern Africa out of  Tilbury (London) - UK;
Canary Islands/Madeira out of Tilbury (London) - UK.
  Cruises and Maritime Voyages-Marco Polo ship
Ocean Countess: Bahamas registered, built 1976, 17,593 gross tons, 800 passengers, 350 crew members.
Itineraries: Amsterdam weekend out of Tilbury (London) - UK; Norewgian Fjords out of Hull - UK; British Isles out of Hull - UK;
Scandinavia/Russia out of Hull - UK; Iberian peninsular out of Liverpool; Canary Islands/Madeira out of Plymouth - UK.
  Cruises and Maritime Voyages-Ocean Countess ship
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