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Phoenix Reisen first begun operating cruises under its own brand in 1988 when the company chartered the West German-built cruise ship SS Maxim Gorkiy from the Soviet Union-based Black Sea Shipping Company on a 20-year charter agreement. In 1993 a second ship joined the Phoenix Reisen fleet, when SS Albatros was chartered from V-Ships. Unlike the Maxim Gorkiy, which retained the colours of her owners in Phoenix service, the Albatros was painted in Phoenix Reisen's own colours with a turquoise funnel displaying the company logo.

Due to numerous mechanical problems, Phoenix Reisen decided to prematurely terminate the charter of the Albatros in December 2003. As a replacement Phoenix quickly chartered MS Crown in January 2004, which was renamed MS Albatros. In 2005 the company fleet expanded to include three ships for the first time when MS Alexander von Humboldt (2005) was chartered from V-Ships. A fourth ship followed in 2006 with the charter of MS Amadea, a higher-class vessel compared with the rest of the Phoenix Reisen fleet. In 2008 the first Alexander von Humboldt was replaced by a larger vessel chartered from Club Cruise, confusingly also named MS Alexander von Humboldt (before entering service the ship was marketed as Alexander von Humboldt II, but she eventually received the same name as the ship she replaced). In late 2008 the charter of the Maxim Gorkiy ended, and due to high fuel prices combined with the high fuel consumption of the ship's steam turbines Phoenix Reisen decided not to renew the charter. In May 2009 Phoenix Reisen chartered MS Athena from Nina SpA. Another ship is joining the fleet of Phoenix Reisen Cruises in 2012 - the ex-P&O Cruises Artemis.

Cruise ships and itineraries:

Artania (ex-P&O Artemis, ex-Princess Cruises Royal Princess, joins Phoenix Reisen Cruises in 2012): Bahamas registered, built 1984, 44,348 gross tons, 1,196 passengers, 537 crew members.
Itineraries: Mediterranean/Madeira/Canary Islands out of Genoa - Italy; Mediterranean/Canary Islands/South America out of Genoa - Italy; South America/Falklands out of Buenos Aires - Argentina; South America/Panama Canal/Central America/Caribbean out of Valparaiso - Chile; Caribbean/East Coast USA/Bermuda out of montego Bay - Jamaica; Caribbean/Transatlantic/Madeira/Mediterranean out of La Romana - Dominican Republic.
  Artania cruise ship
Amadea (formerly MS Asuka for NYK Cruises): Bahamas registered, built 1991, 28,856 gross tons, 624 passengers, 292 crew members.
Itineraries: Canary Islands/Brazil/Uruguay out of Las Palmas - Grand Canaria; South America out of Buenos Aires - Argentina; South Pacific out of Valparaiso (Santiago) - Chile; Australia/Philippines/Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia out of Sydney - Australia; Sri Lanka/Maldives/Seychelles/Arabia/Red Sea/Mediterranean out of Colombo - Sri Lanka; Mediterranean/Iberian Peninsular out of Nice - France; Norwegian Fjords/Scandinavia/Russia out of Hamburg - Germany; Norwegian Fjords/Iceland/Spitzbergen out of Bremerhaven - Germany; British Isles out of Bremerhaven - Germany; Ireland/Transatlantic/Eastern Canada out of Bremerhaven - Germany; Canada/New England/New York/Bermuda/Azores/Madeira/Mediterranean out of Montreal, QC; Mediterranean/North Africa/Aegean/Middle East/Adriatic Sea out of Nice - France; Mediterranean/Northern and Western Africa out of Venice - Italy; Mediterranean/Red Sea/Middle East out of Nice - France; Middle East/India/Maldives/Southeast Asia out of Dubai - UAE; Southeast Asia/Indonesia/Australia out of Saigon - Vietnam; Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific out of Sydney - Australia; Mexican Riviera/Costa Rica/Panama Canal/Caribbean out of Acapulco - Mexico; Bahamas/East Coast USA/Bermuda/Madeira/Portugal out of Nassau - Bahamas.
  Amadea cruise ship
Alexander von Humboldt: Bahamas registered, built 1990, 15,343 gross tons, 559 passengers, 386 crew members.
Itineraries: Scandinavia/Russia out of Hamburg and Bremerhaven - Germany; British Isles out of Hamburg - Germany; Norwegian Fjords/Iceland/Spitzbergen out of Bremerhaven - Germany; Western Europe/Iberian Peninsular out of Bremerhaven - Germany; Mediterranean/Egypt/Israel out of Nice - France; Mediterranean/Red Sea/Arabia/Seychelles/Africa/Falklands/Antarctica/South America/Canary Islands out of Nice - France; Seychelles/Madagascar/Africa out of Mahe - Seychelles; Transatlantic/Falklands/Antarctica/ out of Cape Town - RSA; Falklands/Antarctica/South America out of Ushuaia - Argentina; Brazil/Transatlantic/Western, Northern Africa/Canary Islands/Iberian Peninsular out of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

  Phoenix Reisen-Alexander von Humboldt ship
Albatros: Bahamas registered, built 1973, 21,848 gross tons, 812 passengers, 386 crew members.
Itineraries: Madeira/Caribbean out of Funchal - Madeira; Caribbean/Panama Canal/Central America out of Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic; Mexican Riviera/West Coast USA/Hawaii/South Pacific/ out of Acapulco - Mexico; South Pacific/Australia out of Papeete (Tahiti) - French Polynesia; Australia/Bali out of Brisbane - Australia; Indonesia/Southeast Asia/India out of Bali - Indonesia; Southeast Asia/India/Arabia out of Singapore; Arabia/Red Sea/Northern Africa/Mediterranean out of Dubai - UAE; Mediterranean/Iberian Peninsular/Western Europe out of Genoa - Italy; Baltic Countries out of Bremerhaven - Germany; Norwegian Fjords/Iceland/Spitzbergen out of Bremerhaven - Germany; Icelnad/Greenland out of Bremerhaven - Germany; Mediterranean/Aegean/Black Sea out of Genoa - Italy; Mediterranean/Northern Africa/ out of Genoa - Italy; 140 days World Cruise.
  Albatros cruise ship
Minerva: Bahamas registered, built 1989, 12,500 gross tons, 394 (198 for Antarctica),  passengers, 146 crew members.
Itineraries: Antarctica/South America out of Ushuaia - Argentina; Brazil/Western Africa/Canary Islands/Northern Africa out of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
  Minerva cruise ship
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