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Saga Cruises is a British-owned cruise line specialized in voyages exclusively for mature passengers. Saga cruises operates two classic cruise liners which would have been considered relatively large ships in the 1970's, but compared to the modern cruise vessels are small and seductively old-fashioned. These are gracefully looking ships with a classic ocean liners profile. The 661-passenger Saga Ruby started her carrier with Norwegian America Line, then it was purchased by Cunard Line in 1983, renamed Vistafjord and later Caronia. Vistafjord was sold to Saga Cruises fleet in 2004 and started cruising under the name Saga Ruby. The second ship in Saga Cruises fleet - Saga Pearl II was originally ordered by Hadag Cruise Line - a German cruise operator and named Astoria. Later the ship was sold to a South African company - Safmarine, which used Astoria for voyages between Soth Africa and Europe. In late 2009 the ship went through a 20 million pounds refit in Swansea, Wales and as of the beginning of 2010 is sailing for Saga Cruises under the name Saga Pearl II. The atmosphere aboard these two cruise ships is very much British, representing a highly mannered society with a strong code of behavior.

Cruise ships and itineraries:

Saga Ruby (formerly Vistafjord and Caronia of Cunard Line): U.K. registered, built 1972, 24,492 gross tons, 661 passengers, 380 crew members.
Itineraries: Western Africa/Madeira out of Southampton - UK; Canary Islands/Morocco out of Southampton - UK; Caribbean out of Southampton - UK; Mediterranean/Aegean/Black Sea out of Southampton - UK; Mediterranean/Iberian Peninsular out of Dover and Southampton - UK; Greenland/Iceland out of Dover - UK; British Isles out of Dover - UK; Norwegian Fjords out of Southampton and Dover - UK; Baltic Countries/Scandinavia/Russia out of Dover - UK; Azores/Caribbean/Central America/Panama Canal/South America/South Pacific/New Zealand/Australia/Southeast Asia/India out of Southampton - UK; Easter Island/South Pacific/New Zealand out of Callao (Lima) - Peru; New Zealand/Australia/Southeast Asia/India out of Auckland - New Zealand; Australia/Southeast Asia/India/Middle East/Red Sea/Mediterranean out of Sydney - Australia; Southeast Asia/India/Red Sea/Mediterranean out of Singapore; India/Red Sea/Mediterranean out of Mumbai (Bombay) - India; World Cruise out of Southampton - UK.
  Saga Ruby cruise ship
Saga Pearl II (formerly MS Astoria): Bahamas registered, built 1981, 18,591 gross tons, 2,400 passengers, 252 crew members.
Itineraries: Norway out of Southampton and Dover - UK; Baltic Countries/Scandinavia/Russia out of Dover - UK; British Isles/Ireland out of Dover - UK; Iceland out of Dover - UK;  Mediterannean/Iberian Peninsular out of Dover - UK; Mediterranean/Adriatic Sea out of Southampton - UK; Portugal/Madeira/Azores out of Southampton - UK; Western Europe out of Southampton - UK; Grand Canaria/Madeira/Northern Africa out of Southampton - UK.
  Saga Pearl 2 cruise ship
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