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In 2006 the Estonian ferry company Tallink purchased the Finnish cruise-ferry operator Silja Line. As a result the former company Silja Oy became Tallink Silja Oy (a subsidiary of Tallink Grupp) which is handling marketing for Tallink and Silja Line brands and managing Silja's ship crew personnel.
Silja Line is the Silja brand of the Tallin Grupp operating a fleet of 
of four modern car ferry/cargo vessels that specializes in short cruises between Finland and Sweden. The chain of archipelagos that lie between Sweden and Finland or a visit to Tallinn in Estonia (optional hotel stays arranged) are a few of the highlights of the dozens of routes available. Staff is multi-lingual, there is entertainment, a choice of dining options and large number of duty- and tax- free shops. Recreational facilities include a full spa with whirlpools, sauna and steam bath and a children's play area is available. On a typical cruise the passenger mix consists of Finns, Swedes and other Europeans with 5-10 percent from the U.S. However, the number of American passengers is likely to increase as more clients experience one of these cruises and begin spreading the good word about the quality service delivered by this company.

Cruise ships / ferries and itineraries:

Silja Europa: Finland registered, built 1993, 59,914 gross tons, 3,123 passengers, 300 crew members.
Itineraries:  Turku - Mariehamn - Stockholm.
  Silja Europa ship
Silja Symphony: Sweden registered, built 1991, 58,377 gross tons, 2.852 passengers, 264 crew members.
Itineraries: Helsinki - Mariehamn - Stockholm.
  Silja Symphony ship
Silja Serenade: Finland registered, built 1990, 58,376 gross tons, 2,852 passengers, 264 crew members.
Itineraries: Helsinki - Mariehamn - Stockholm.
  Silja Serenade ship
Silja Festival: Finland registered, built 1986, 34.414 gross tons, 1.916 passengers, 180 crew members.
Itineraries: Turku - ?land Islands - Stockholm.
  Silja Festival ship
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