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A journey with Spirit of Adventure Cruises (a cruise line based in the UK) is all about discovery and sampling new cultures and experiences. Spirit of Adventure Cruises operates one cruise ship MV Spirit of Adventure, formerly MS Berlin of Peter Deilmann Cruises. The ship sails to worldwide destinations. Ports of call stops are more than just fleeting visits where guests have the chance to really explore a destination and get a real feel for its atmosphere. Voyages with Spirit of Adventure Cruises tend to offer more history and culture rather than the typical tropical beach destinations that most "consumer-orientated" cruise lines provide. The onboard atmosphere is refined yet casual and friendly and guests should expect the attentive personal service and comforts of a five star cruise line. Spirit of Adventure Cruises gives passengers a colorful and comprehensive introduction to its destinations in a number of ways. There are regular talks and lectures given by guest speakers, all experts in their field, which include archaeology, art, history and cuisine. They are designed to inform and inspire passengers and help them to make the most of their time ashore.

Cruise ship and itineraries:

MV Spirit of Adventure (formerly MS Berlin of Peter Deilmann Cruises): Bahamas registered, built 1980, 9,570 gross tons, 352 guests, 172 crew members.
Itineraries: Aegean/Red Sea out of Limassol - Cyprus and Aqaba - Jordan; Red Sea/Middle East out of Aqba - Jordan; India/Southeast Asia out of Mumbai (Bombay) - India and Singapore; Southeast Asia out of Bangkok (Thailand) and Kota Kinabalu - Malaysia; Aegean/Mediterranean out of Limassol - Cyprus; Mediterranean/Northern Africa out of Piraeus (Athens) - Greece; Mediterranean out of Nice - France; British Isles out of Dover - UK; Norway out of Dover - UK; Baltic countries/Scandinavia/Russia out of Dover - UK; Iberian Peninsular out of Dover - UK; Mediterranean/Adriatic Sea out of Barcelona - Spain; Black Sea out of Piraeus (Athens) - Greece; Aegean/North Africa out of Piraeus - Greece; Middle East out of Dubai - UAE; Middle East/India/Malidves/Seychelles/Mauritius out of Dubai - UAE.
  Spirit of Adventure cruise ship
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